Make your yearbook experience one to remember!

YearbookFusion is a suite of tools that streamline the creation and production of yearbooks. The online and installed tools are designed to be rebranded and distributed to schools by publishers. Online and installed licenses are available.

Create spectacular directories for your school, church, sports league or organization.

Previous design experience is not required: use one of our many templates to get a head start, or design your project from scratch.

Our powerful suite of auto tools and a gallery embellishments will help you get the job done fast.

Discover how YearbookFusion can be your school’s yearbook solution. – contact us today for a live demo.


Discover how YearbookFusion can be your school’s yearbook solution!

YearbookFusion suits any school’s needs:
• Work at home or at school;
• Use collaborative tools to share projects and images among your committee members;
• Harness the full power of the software on your PC or Mac, or work in a browser using a streamlined online version.

Automatic panel pages from a PSPA database: attractive panels self-organize in a few simple clicks.

Templates set to your printer’s specifications: eliminate incorrectly sized layouts.

Powerful online tools: create, collaborate and manage projects from anywhere.

Easy to learn and to use: free access to LumaPix’s online support & tutorial materials.

The online package allows you to manage your yearbook ladder, flow panels, manage portraits, edit pages and collaborate in a team with the simplicity of visiting a website. No installed software is required!

Secure cloud storage for yearbook projects!

Don’t let your team’s creativity be tied to only one computer – access your project and images from anywhere, anytime.

Remote storage adds a layer of security to your work. Projects are stored safely off your local machine, so they cannot be lost even if your machine fails. Accidentally deleted work and previously saved versions are all recoverable.

Convenience – your entire yearbook team can instantly access projects and images from FotoFusion running on any online computer.

Security – projects are safely stored on secure servers.

Collaboration – instantly upload images to your school’s gallery from a personal computer or cell phone.

The online gallery enables everyone at your school to contribute images using only a web browser – no software installation required.

Work conveniently and confidently with YearbookFusion’s Remote Storage option.

Get your space in the cloud for the upcoming yearbook season now!


This is the ideal solution for casual users, such as parents 🙂

YearbookFusion offers a full suite of online tools to support your yearbook project. Whether the project is designed by a class or club at school or parent volunteers at home, YearbookFusion’s online tools will make the experience fun and easy.

Online Layout

Create online-friendly chapters, which can be opened in a streamlined web editor. The online editing controls are simplified for ease of use; add, arrange, resize and crop images and text in a browser – without installing the layout software.

iOS/Android Upload-to-Gallery App

You’ll never be without images from a school event; parents can download the free LumaPix app for iOS or Android devices and use it to upload images directly into the gallery. Any picture taken on a cellphone or tablet can be submitted instantly and privately to the yearbook staff for use in candid pages.

Online Storefront

Enough with the chocolate boxes; it’s time for modern fundraising. How about a branded inline storefront for your school?

Sell stock yearbooks, personalized yearbook covers, greeting cards, calendars, and other items. Easy to set up, and always open for your parents.

Book Management

This option enables you to assemble and reorder chapters of your yearbooks within the software or a web browser.

Online Review & Approval

This option streamlines your yearbook proofing; send a web-friendly non-editable version of your project for comment and review. Any comments or status changes will automatically generate email alerts to yearbook staff. This very useful tool will gather feedback to get your final yearbook signoff done efficiently, without the need for installed software.

Online Database Creator

A new option for managing image databases using only a web browser. Streamline the process of cleaning up names/grades/jersey numbers/etc. by uploading photos and captured information for school users to review and correct. No installed software is required. Ships with predefined attribute sets matching PSPA specs – or create your own custom schema!